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Hollywood Has Joined the Spiritual War to #SaveTheChildren

#PizzaGate is local.

#PedoGate is global.



I’ve Figured Out What Q Means When Asking What a MAP, LEGEND, GUIDE mean + SMILES! Watch my YT Channel NOW!

QAnon Drops & Chemicals: Why is HRC, BO & 3WJC all tied to Chromosome 19 (Y)?6NAC, HRC, SLC7A9🧪

🦠Chemical Compounds + genes🦠


Chemical Decodes! Explains #COVID19 & #Q Drops!

SLC7A9 (Gene named BO)

Worldwide database #NCNI

Gene ID=11136 (1113, 1136, 11)
Location=19q13.11 (1311, 13, 11)

Q: Finally Chemicals
•We finally figured it out!!

1136=SYRIA + 1008 twice!💥

1311=Trip reschedule?

Here’s the tweet👇🏼


🛑HUGE! Hillary, Obama + Others Have Their Own Genes & Chemical Compounds for DNA Editing!

🛑I think I’ve figured out how to connect Q’s drops to past & current events & it’s science!

🛑I believe I found genes, chemical compounds & #chromosome editing all named after them: #Hillary #BillClinton #Obama. I’m sure there’s much more


Rachel (Ray) Chandler is [🔑] [FOLLOW FRIENDS] 🌀🌀🌀Epstein, Hillary, NXIVM, Obama..It’s Global.🌎

1. Dictionary.com’s definition of “Rachel“: 🔹female given name: from a Hebrew word meaning “LAMB”

2. UrbanDictionary.com says “Rachel’s are: 🔹“leaders not followers.”

• What’s a Chandler besides the actual word “handler being in it? And with the “C” it could decode to mean “Child Handler?” And isn’t it weird that Chelsea Handler’s name is frighteningly similar with the “C” & “H,” last name “Handler” and 1st name is the same as “Chelsea Clinton?” Just sayin…

• A Chandler is also the person/entity who deals with goods from merchants for ships at shipping ports on a global level. High level of service, credit based.

• Q told Anons about Long Beach Port in Los Angeles, California. Q has said “RC is KEY.” 🔑 I found Key International Shipping at Long Beach Port. Odd how Chandler’s place of business pertains to ships/ports.

• Apparently there’s a loophole in law (thanks to Obama/Both Clintons ) that relates to shipping when the crate/container is labeled “LIVE ART” under the ARTS FOR EMBASSIES PROGRAM licensed by John Podesta it’s said. John’s brother Tony Podesta is apparently a world renowned Art Dealer-so that’s super handy. 🤦‍♀️ And of course it always takes us back to Hillary Clinton, billionaire philanthropists & national as well as global foundations.

• The next 7 screenshots I think are well researched info on HOW TO SHIP (fly?) LIVE PEOPLE (Children) AROUND THE WORLD. You’ll notice that pædo “artists,” “photographers” & hair/make-up artists” are often found commenting and posing in pictures with none other than Rachel (Ray) Chandler-Guinness (married name).below on May 12, 2018:>

<End of article>

• This is Mariah Sunshine Coogan👇🏼She died in a plane crash (April 2018) leaving an airport 7 miles from Chandler, Arizona🤔 with a few others. She’d just moved to West Hollywood to become famous (like most of the other blonde/pretty girls who often die in mysterious fashion). Just like Kimberly Lynn Watzman👇🏼the GM of The Standard Hotel in West Hollywood (Jan 2018 helicopter crash tied to Adam Schiff and 7 million dollar payoff)..Both dead, but it’s implied they were “suicided.”

• Q Drops on The Standard Hotel, Coogan, Watzman and [AS] Adam Schiff:

• The further I dig into Rachel Chandler, nothing makes sense. I’m starting to believe that name/phrase is a code word of some kind. Remember Q wrote, next to her name [one of many] which implies more than one?? I realize the picture of that same girl is usually attached to her Facebook/Instagram/Tumblr/online articles. I just think there could be more value in the name Rachel (Ray) Chandler, and the pics of that girl with that name. Q’s associated that name with that face, so it must be her. But Q has also said [one of many], which could mean this girl is Rachel Chandler, or its code for a group…maybe?

• Q speaks of symbolism & how it will be their [DeepState] downfall. This vast & global network of sick, evil people have gotten away with all of this In Plain Sight, which takes me back to both of Rachel’s name(s):

• Both names “Rachel” & “Chandler” are 2 characters in the show “Friends.” Google searching this girl is difficult as it’s always muddied by the tv show, Rachel Ray the chef, and Ray Chandler an old, drunk, dead actor. But this would be smart wouldn’t it? It would be in plain sight but hidden from the public because until Q we had no idea of this pædo, global, human/child trafficking Deep State ring.

So my newest theory as we’ve hit an important marker with the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein on July 6, 2019 in NY, is to actually use the TV show “Friends” possibly in the same or similar way the Deep State has:

TV Show FRIENDS • Rachel & Chandler

• FBI/DOJ Interview RC?: Many Anons have believed Rachel Chandler her husband Tom Guinness & the baby we’ve read they had late 2017 have been in witness protection since, as they’ve vaporized in every way from social media and news. Q seems to verify this in the above drop. Camera #13 shows the date of July 19, 2013 and it’s assumed that Rachel Chandler took telling pictures on Little St. James Island in the Caribbean (like the below ground security cameras under Epstein’es temple), and ditched the Deep State. I wonder if the round woman on camera #11 is Hillary Clinton. <Notice Hillary Clinton’s initials are HC>

• On the TV show FRIENDS, Rachel (Green) got off the plane to be with Ross her longtime love, in one of the long-running show’s last scenes:


• #carisjames is a hashtag used by James Alefantis (#jimmycomet) of Comet Ping Pong in Washington DC on Instagram, Twitter, etc.. Anons are brilliant in my opinion♥️and recently decoded what the #carisjames means. It’s a CARibbean ISland Little St. JAMES. 💥This means we’ve tied Pizza Gate to Pædo Gate!💥

• Just realized JAMES is Alefantis’ last name AND part of Epstein’s Island’s name🤔

• And once you know this, the conversations next to Alefantis’ posts of babies/little kids that it’s believed are being sold/auctioned via social media sites (FB, IG, Twitter, Timblr)….become even worse!

“Models” with Midland Agency/Rachel Chandler

A “model” with Midland Agency/Rachel Chandler

• Below👇🏼is a tweet/ thread I put out there a few months back. Some repeat info in this blog, but also additional info.

https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1138697448900255745 (my tweet/thread)

• I’ve been digging into Rachel Chandler’s past & family tree, & there is one – daughter of Barry Chandler  (of L.A. Times in L.A.) & Barbara T. Stack Chandler – But 0 pix of her with her family. Articles about this family often say “unknown children” or just say 5 children, mentioning only 2 or 3 names. I’m sorry, but everyone has a past & with enough searching SOMETHING will always eventually appear…..Not with this girl though.

• Article I dug up on RC’s roots & DJ gig at the Standard Hotel:  The L.A. native moved to New York to study art history at NYU’s Gallatin School in the mid-’00s and while taking classes, she interned for a number of arts organizations — like Reena Spaulings and the Whitney Museum of American Art — and for photographers, including Patrick Demarchelier. She also DJ’d on the side at the likes of Avenue, the Standard Hotel and the now-defunct Beatrice Inn.  http://www.papermag.com/rachel-chandler-beautiful-people-2011-1425712077.html

• Pictures of Rachel Chandler in 2010? http://www.freewayeyewear.com/blog/tag/rachel-chandler/

• LOOK AT THIS LATER: Clintons & PADDLE8 (which seems to tie to Rachel Chandler & her modeling co/photography biz – hmm…a paddle?🤔 http://www.p2016.org/clinton/clintonorggen.html

https://voat.co/v/GreatAwakening/3110509 –website by an ANON

• NOTES: https://paddle8.com/auction/dpa&nbsp;  Maybe Paddle8 is an L.A. based company? Rachel Chandler is involved with this and below link salon94. LIVE AUCTIONS. UNICEF tied to Paddle8. Lots of international work tied to children.  NY company founded by Gilkes…also Salzman, Kahn & Greenfield & Galbreith? Goldman Sachs, Harvard, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles.  Merged w/ Auctionata in 2017.  Princess Beatrice.   Link:  https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=163918872

• An ANON associated #Paddle8 and #PizzaGate: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1864493


• This is NOT RIGHT:  https://paddle8.com/work/wong-ping/105066-slow-sex

• Paddle8 ties to The Standard Hotel in NY: http://www.standardhotels.com/culture/bamartpaddle-8-silent-auction-at-the-standard-east-culture

• More on Paddle8: https://paddle8.com/about/press/lgbt <<and>> https://salon94.com/artists/press/estate-of-betty-woodman

• Thomas & Rachel’s social media accounts from Twitter to Instagram to Facebook to Tumblr all seem to just drop off in 2012 & 2103.  What happened to have them (and Tom’s family members on Twitter) just become silent at that point in time?? But then her business, Midland Agency, is in the press in 2016 with pictures of “models” that can only be described as drugged, dirty & selling/trafficking victims, Talks about how successful her “models” will be in 2017.  It’s a casting/modeling agency according to internet searches.  Then Midland Agency shuts down during this time – during 2017 & 2018 – and reopens sometime late 2018 or early 2019. These articles were in W Magazine, Vogue & NewYorker, so why were these mags willing to promote this up-and-coming agency, only to have the company vanish before anything in the articles would come to happen?

Walter Pearce, Rachel’s business partner, is supposedly out of Midland, Texas, around 20 years old, dark and perverted if you read his posts & comments on Instagram and Tumblr.  His age alone makes NO SENSE for Ray Chandler to go into business with when he was 19 or 20. How Midland Agency quickly ended up in Vogue, W and more also makes no sense.

This article tells us Rachel is 30 yrs old, and had a new baby in Feb. 2018: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2018/02/26/eckhaus-lattas-fashion-models-and-nodels

• I’ve researched Rachel’s supposed mother, Barbara Toby Stark, and Stark’s family pictures over several years, and Rachel (Ray) Chandler ISN’T IN ONE. Nor does her mother mention her daughter on Facebook, on her her personal family website, anywhere.  From what I’ve read, Barbara Stark married Barry Chandler.  I think this is correct; not 100% sure as of yet.  Doing online searches for each Chandler family member and the L.A. Times (they owned the L.A. Times), and there is VERY LITTLE you can find. Tried Otis, Norman, Jeffrey – all Chandlers – and amazingly no pictures of the majority of the kids in their very extensive timelines.

• Where IS this Rachel Chandler living?  Us Anons have been digging & digging all of her social media accounts for over a year now, commenting, copying her pictures, archiving, etc… I have yet to see a current article on her specifically, but as of late March 2019, her personal Instagram account is private.  Walter Pearce’s is now completely deleted. The seedy, dirty, so-very-sad and scary pictures of young children in awkward positions with frightening comments on her Midland Agency’s pages have been removed. 

• Why didn’t Ray/Rachel Chandler-Guinness publicly scream at us for incorrectly “targeting” them? NONE OF THIS MAKES SENSE!!  Which is why I do not feel the name corresponds with the girl or the picture.  I just can’t piece this puzzle together quite yet…

• I/Anons won’t stop until the right info is collected from open source data out there in the world.  There are children at stake here who have no voice.

• With Q’s breadcrumbs Anons have connected all of these players/entities together like: Jeffrey Epstein, The Clinton Foundation, Obama & his wife Michelle, Cook County in Chicago Illinois, the Dominican Republic, Carribean, the Clinton AND Obama Administrations, the U.S. Senate & Congress, The Standard Hotel – Boom Boom Room, Hollywood, sick ass John Podesta & his brother Tony, Comet Ping Pong, Hillary’s 33,000 bleached emails (detailing spirit cooking, pizza parties, pedo words & symbolism), NXIVM, Allison Mack, Avenatti, Stormy Daniels, Jussie Smollett, Mark Geragos, Adam Schiff, FISA Declas, false flags (basically “hits” on our citizens via orchestrated tragedies arranged by the Deep State), the Bronfmans, Haiti, Pope/Vatican, etc…

• Enough for tonight.  Please feel free to comment/share/expand. If I’ve errored here, please let me know.  From here out I’ll be blogging about all this as a way to get some of this sick info out of my head and out there for others to consider. We have to figure this out!

• One last thing – How the hell is, at the very least, Podesta not in prison after hearing those tortured, screaming kids on those YouTube videos at Comet Ping Pong!? I KNOW law enforcement has investigated, but how frightening is it to realize how corrupt our government/legal system must be when their likely UNABLE to move forward on a situation like those videos??

🇺🇸Keep fighting the good fight QAnons!  United Not Divided! #WWG1WGA
The Storm Has Arrived.

We are the news now.

💎Jewely BlueCheck💎

Additional Notes/Saved Links below: Why do all the girls/victims in this global nightmare look alike? 👀

Rachel (Ray) Chandler

Allison Mack NXIVM

Allison Mack NXIVM


Mariah Sunshine Coogan

Mariah Sunshine Coogan

Maggie Grown Up (pic w/ Obama)

Midland Agency: http://midland.agency/management

Management+ Artists/Midland Casting:  https://www.managementartists.com/casting/

https://models.com/people/rachel-chandler&nbsp;    https://models.com/agency/midland-casting

Walter Pearce’s Instagram now gone:  https://www.instagram.com/walterpearce/?hl=en

Ray.Chandler Instagram pg Private:  https://www.instagram.com/ray.chandler/?hl=en

Also Rachel Chandler:  https://twitter.com/RayChandlerG?lang=en

Daisy Wright – Purple Diary- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/daisywrightx/

SO SICK:  https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1104998436993187840.html


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🆕🎧 JewelyBlue’s💎1st Podcast! HIDDEN NEWS From 9/26/21 Week We All Need to Know!

If you want some GREAT AWAKENING VIDEOS on MANY TOPICS, please go to my website JewelyBlue.com.

It’s time to pay attention, stick together, push back & PRAY!


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Thread by @Jewel4Trump: I think I’ve figured out how to connect Q’s drops to past & current events & it’s science! I believe I found genes, chemical compoun…

Thread by @Jewel4Trump: I think I’ve figured out how to connect Q’s drops to past & current events & it’s science! I believe I found mical compounds & #chromosome editing all named after them: #Hillary #BillClinton #Obama. I’m sure there’s mu…
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